Firefox 91 and Firefox 91 esr released download

Wednesday , 11, August 2021 Leave a comment

Firefox 91 and Firefox 91 esr released download ,The updated browser now clears cookies more intelligently. Private windows also always establish HTTPS connections by default. In addition, pages can again be printed in a simplified representation.

The browser removes all disruptive elements, such as advertising banners or background images. In addition, the address bar now also allows “Switch To Tab” results in private windows. Finally, the browser should react 10 to 20 percent faster to user input.

Firefox puts all cookies belonging to a page in a virtual jar (“cookie jar”). With the newly introduced Enhanced Cookie Clearing, the browser discards the entire glass. This also includes all data that, for example, an advertising service provider has placed on the affected page.

Under Windows, Firefox supports single sign-on for various Windows services. Under macOS, the browser automatically switches to high contrast mode if the corresponding item is activated in the system settings.

Firefox 91.0 also forms the basis for the new Firefox ESR version with Long Term Support. This Extended Support Release of Firefox is aimed primarily at businesses.

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