in this quick guide we learn How to upgrade Debian 10 Buster to Debian 11 Bullseye, Debian 11 “Bullseye” was released on August 14, 2021. and the previous Debian 10 “Buster” has been moved to the “oldstable” branch and will receive security updates until 2024. If your Debian 10 is working fine and you don’t need […]

How to upgrade Debian 10 Buster to Debian 11 Bullseye

Already have among us to LibreOffice 7.2 Community , the latest free version of the office suite that has emerged as one of the prides of it, not just because of being a very good alternative to the ubiquitous Microsoft Office, but free software also by the quality of your code . LibreOffice Community is the free edition of the office […]

LibreOffice 7.2 Community Version Released

For the long-awaited release of Debian 11 we have summarized the most important new features in a weekend article! Reading time: 4 minutes

Sa, 14. August 2021, Denys Konovalov

After 2 years of waiting, version 11 Bullseye of Debian GNU / Linux was finally released a few minutes ago! The new version of the very well-known and important Linux distribution contains many new features, which we have summarized for you in this article!

According to official information, over 70% of all packages in the repositories have been updated. 11294 new packages have been added, which corresponds to a current package base of 59551 packages. The most important new packages are always the desktop environments. The following are now available in Debian 11:

  • GNOME 3.38
  • KDE Plasma 5.20
  • LXDE 11
  • XFCE 4.16
  • MATE 1.24
  • LXQt 0.16

All of the above are available here as a live CD, but can also be installed using a Debian Installer CD / DVD.

In addition, many important programs are now available in newer versions, such as B. LibreOffice 7 or Inkscape 1.0.2.

Developers can look forward to PHP 7.4, Perl 5.33, Python 3.9.1 and Rustc 1.48. The most widely used compilers GCC and LLVM / Clang are available in versions 10.2 and 9.0.1 / 11.0.1, respectively.

The new Debian release relies on the latest LTS kernel 5.10. Among other things, this brings out-of-the-box support for exFAT in Debian for the first time.

Other important changes include the improved support for driverless printing and scanning both via cable and via the network, a new hash algorithm for passwords and the standard use of the SystemD persistent journal.

An innovation that many Debian users look forward to every time is of course the new Debian artwork.

The new artwork is called Homeworld and was created by the French designer Juliette Taka, who also provided the artwork for versions 9 (stretch) and 8 (Jessie).

You can take a artwork in our article on the first release candidate closer look at the .

With the new and mostly current programs, Debian 11 Bullseye is one of the most current Debian releases at the time of release.

Current desktop environments are delivered and the software cannot be described as outdated. This means that Debian 11 Bullseye can become a very successful Debian release and finally has the potential, as a veteran of most Linux distributions, to be used as a desktop system by many users who were shied away from the very old software.

Do you think Debian has finally arrived completely on the desktop, or is the software still too old in your opinion? Do you use Debian or do you plan to try Bullseye Debian now after the release of version 11? Overall, what do you think of the new release?

Discuss with us in the comments or in the GNU / Community!

We thank you for paying us your attention for this important release on the weekend and we wish you a relaxing weekend.


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Another month another Firefox update to enjoy. In this post we recap the what’s new in Firefox 90, and tell you how you can get the update on your system.

Firefox 91 is Out with Improved Cookie Management

The Shutter screenshot tool is under active development again so the official Shutter PPA has been revived to make it easy to install Shutter on Ubuntu.

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Thunderbird 91 is out with substantial improvements to the way this open source email client feels and functions. Want to take a closer look? Read on! This post, Thunderbird 91 Arrives with Improved Set-Up Wizard, Better Calendar Support is from OMG! Ubuntu!. Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission.

Thunderbird 91 Arrives with Improved Set-Up Wizard, Better Calendar Support

The following article will explain how to install and start SSH service on Rocky Linux 8, RHEL 8 / CentOS 8 system. SSH is a client-server service providing secure encrypted connections over the network connection. In this tutorial you will learn: How to Install SSH service.How to start SSH service.How to enable SSH to start…

Enable SSH Service on Rocky Linux 8 / CentOS 8

Firefox 91 and Firefox 91 esr released download ,The updated browser now clears cookies more intelligently. Private windows also always establish HTTPS connections by default. In addition, pages can again be printed in a simplified representation.

The browser removes all disruptive elements, such as advertising banners or background images. In addition, the address bar now also allows “Switch To Tab” results in private windows. Finally, the browser should react 10 to 20 percent faster to user input.

Firefox puts all cookies belonging to a page in a virtual jar (“cookie jar”). With the newly introduced Enhanced Cookie Clearing, the browser discards the entire glass. This also includes all data that, for example, an advertising service provider has placed on the affected page.

Under Windows, Firefox supports single sign-on for various Windows services. Under macOS, the browser automatically switches to high contrast mode if the corresponding item is activated in the system settings.

Firefox 91.0 also forms the basis for the new Firefox ESR version with Long Term Support. This Extended Support Release of Firefox is aimed primarily at businesses.

According to the developers, the biggest update of the distribution to date is putting its software increasingly in Flatpak packages, tweaking the optics, revising the apps it contains, updating the firmware of numerous devices and comes with a new installation wizard.

The new dark theme can switch elementary OS on and off at any time of the day if desired. In addition, ten new accent colors are available to paint the buttons and all other surface elements appropriately. If necessary, an associated “picker” selects an accent color based on the current background image. The developers finally optimized the optics, whereby the result should offer better contrast.

News from the desktop

If you move the mouse pointer over the symbols in the panel, the tooltip that appears shows further information – the volume symbol, for example, the currently set volume in percent. Popping notifications provide additional information and are more clearly structured, and applications can also offer actions in the messages.

If you click with the right mouse button on the title bar of a window, you can quickly take a screenshot of the corresponding point. The developers have also improved the “multitasking” view. Anyone who uses a touchscreen or a touchpad can control the elementary OS using multi-touch gestures.

Applications in flat packs

All applications offered in the AppCenter now come as a Flatpak package. Since such programs run in a sandbox, this should increase security. In the AppCenter, users can specify which resources the application is allowed to access. In this way you prevent access to the home directory or the microphone.

The browser, which is now simply called Web, is also available as a Flatpak package. For the first time, it offers intelligent tracking protection and an ad blocker. The developers have completely rewritten the e-mail client, and the calendar supports the CalDav standard, among other things. Camera got a new user interface. The new task program manages pending tasks.

In Files, a double-click now opens a file in the standard application stored for it. The file manager has also been given a new sidebar. The Code development environment improves Git integration, among other things, while the terminal has a few other useful keyboard shortcuts.

From now on, elemetary OS 6 will also update the firmware of devices for which the Linux Vendor Firmware Service provides corresponding updates. The new installation wizard should be easier and clearer to use than the Ubiquity previously taken over from Ubuntu.

All innovations are presented in the official announcement .